America’s most sober cities dictated by religion

most sober cities

March 13, 2017 (STLRealEstate.News) For those more interested in living in a sober city rather than a boozy city, this week, in addition to their booze assessment, also sat down to determine which American cities are the least interested in boozing and opening bars.  The site found that as predicted, religion had a major impact on how likely a city was to be focused on boozing.

To begin the assessment, researched 300 American cities on their rate of binge drinking, the number of bars, wineries, breweries, and distilleries per capita, the percentage of homes with a wet bar, the number of drug and alcohol rehab centers, and the percentage of traffic fatalities that are related to drinking.

The results? found that every month is Dryanuary in Utah, having the number one, Provo, and number three, West Jordan, most sober American cities.  Many residents take a pass on alcohol all year long due to the state’s large population of devout Mormons, who abstain from drinking alcohol as well as caffeine, aided by the state’s stringent liquor laws.  In restaurants operating today, bartenders are required to mix drinks out view behind a “Zion Curtain.”

The next trend proved that people live in the suburbs for a reason: they don’t want to party there, too.  Several of the most sober cities, including Daly City, California, at number two, and Hialeah, Florida, at number eight, are two family-oriented regions not interested in opening their arms to drove of bars and breweries.  For suburban residents, they do have the luxury of just taking a cab 10 or 20 miles to the nearest booze-friendly city.

Other sober cities include El Monte, California, with 12.7% of the adult population admitting to binge drinking, Memphis Tennessee, with 9.6% of population admitting to boozing, Laredo, Texas, with 13.6% of population admitting to boozing, and Newport News, Virginia, with 14.8% of the city admitting to boozing.

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