VR Goggle Technology Takes Potential Real Estate Buyers to the Virtual-Reality World

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SAN JOSE, Calif./ July 8, 2017 (StlRealEstate.News) —  Stagnant real estate photographs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the launch of VR goggles and 3D virtual tours, potential real estate buyers, both residential and commercial, are able to virtually navigate properties in a matter of moments. VR Squad Inc. is one of the first to adopt this state-of-the-art technology, and although it’s still in its early ages of adoption, the technology is catching the eyes of real estate agents, brokers, potential buyers, as well as property managers. Jonny Vu, and Khang Truong co-founders of VR Squad Inc., have an extensive background in engineering and real estate, and now they are taking those skills to help potential buyers find their dream property without ever stepping foot out the door.
“One of the key advantages of VR goggles and 3D virtual tours is that it provides a fluid, authentic experience,” said Vu. “When you put the headset on you feel like you’re in the space. If you have VR goggles you have the technological ability to walk around the property you’re interested in, and actually view it as if you’re there in person.”

For a 3,000 square-foot property, a 3D scan takes about 2 hours to capture the space in its entirety. After the scan, Vu and his team upload the footage to the server, and within three hours the client has a link of the property ready to share with potential clients all over the world through VR goggles, a desktop or mobile device. According to Vu, approximately 80 percent of his current customers operate on the residential end, while the other 20 percent are commercial. The technology is rapidly changing the traditional methods of the real estate market, and Vu said other industries are also tapping into the virtual world.

“We’re doing work with casinos, restaurants, apartment complexes, as well as construction sites -showcasing the before and after developments,” said Vu.

VR Squad Inc. currently offices in San Jose, CA, but soon they’re taking the virtual world to a second location in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“Virtual reality is the future and is already changing how industries conduct business and buyers shop for properties,” said Vu.

SOURCE: VR Squad Inc

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