Press Releases – Headlines are Important!

Before you submit your press release to be published and then distributed you want to make certain that it is ready.  We have created this checklist.

  1. Does the headline grab attention without using too many words?
  2. We recommend that you use a sub-heading.  Is it concise?
  3. Does your first paragraph properly summarize your main objective?
  4. Is the remainder text of the press release informative and accurate?
  5. Did you provide contact information?
  6. Has the press release been written in the third person?
  7. Has the press release been proofed by several colleagues for grammar, punctuation and spelling?
  8. Have your configured URL’s and anchor text properly?
  9. Is the press release 300 words or more?
  10. Is the press release honest and properly representing the trademark and/or company?
  11. Is the press release relevant and hopefully interesting?
  12. Is your  press release a news story or an ad?
  13. Does your quotes add anything new or of value or do they simply restate your point?
  14. Is your press release FREE of exaggerate or oversold of exaggerated claims?
  15. Can your facts in the press release be substantiated?
  16. Does your press release include anything that might be offensive to anybody or organization?
  17. Does it remain focused on your objective?
  18. Have you checked that it complies with newswires policies?
  19. Have you written it with your audience in mind?

In summary, your primary objectives should be to provide timely, accurate, information to the public that is free from exaggerated claims, representations or promises.  Consumers should be able to trust what they read.  That’s what makes press releases such an effective promotional strategy.

If you are ready to publish your press release visit our SUBMIT PRESS RELEASE page, write it, pay and then publish it to our blog site, Google News and 50+ social websites network.

If you have technical questions call (314) 808-1870.